Mixing a wannabe wanderer, a tree hugger, and an overthinker

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There is nothing that needs to be written, but there are sparks that must be woven

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How do we determine what God is thinking and where humanity should be heading?

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The existential aftermath of staring at an early van Gogh painting for too long

Image from Wikimedia Commons

I’m running away from God and it’s not working too well

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Might octopi actually be aliens?

Photo by Zo Razafindramamba on Unsplash

Creation vs. Evolution: The Debate Isn’t Quite Dead

Exploring the real reasons why writers can be inclined to the bottle

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How talking with bar regulars has influenced my writing

Photo by Taylor Davidson on Unsplash

A case study of Spanish vs. American culture

Photo by Vita Marija Murenaite on Unsplash

And how Thoreau himself pulled me out of my rut

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Nick Keehler

Sustainability advocate, theology enthusiast, aspiring minimalist, and recent world traveler.

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